About us

The Fundação Arthur Bernardes (Funarbe) mission, is to enable our clients and partners to dedicate themselves to the development of projects that contribute to the advancement of science, technology and innovation in our country. And we have been doing this for the past 39 years.

To do so, we offer solutions in project management, making contracting, purchasing, imports, payments, billing and all the administrative and financial demands of projects for the researcher, teacher and scientist to focus on their assignments feasible.

Founded in 1979, we are a private non-profit entity with our own legal personality, which performs the administrative and financial management of teaching, research and extension projects of the Universidade Federal de Viçosa (UFV), and other institutions and research centers.

The competency acquired in rendering services to the UFV, allowed for the expansion of our relationship with other institutions.  Currently, we are also authorized to play the supporting role of other renowned institutions of our country: Embrapa, Epamig, Instituto Federal do Norte de Minas Gerais, Instituto Federal de São Paulo, Instituto Federal de Minas Gerais e Instituto Federal Sudeste de Minas Gerais.

As a support foundation, we are accredited to the Ministério da Educação (MEC) and Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia, Inovações e Comunicações (MCTIC).

Throughout its history, Funarbe underwent many transformations, which allowed for growth and maturity. Following this path, the Foundation was involved in important projects among them, taking-over the Supermercado Escola and Laticínio Funarbe (Produtos Viçosa) administration.

Funarbe is therefore structurally divided into three sectors: Project Management, Supermarket School and Laticínio Funarbe.


titulo-admProject Management


The Fundação Arthur Bernardes – Funarbe, is a Foundation of Support for the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV), introduced in the year 1979, with the objective of speeding-up the management of resources destined for research in the UFV campus.

In 38 years of work dedicated to the administrative and financial management of research, teaching and extension projects, Funarbe is proud to contribute to the development of Science, Technology and Innovation in Brazil.

In addition to the UFV, Funarbe also manages projects for other national and international partners, helping researchers, teachers and coordinators, from submitting proposals to reporting to funding agencies.


titulo-unidades_seSupermarket School


Since 1979, the Supermarket School has been managed by Funarbe, during this time still functioning as a supply station. Over the years the organization had been modified, and transformed into a Supermarket.

With reference to the Supermarket sector in the region, the structure of the Supermarket School offers a variety of quality products, supports teaching, research and extension activities at the same time, all from the Universidade Federal de Viçosa (UFV).

Through an annual internship program, teachers and students have an equipped classroom, as well as the freedom and support to develop projects and research in the facilities of the Supermarket, at their disposal.




Since 1971, the Universidade Federal de Viçosa  (UFV) has had the Dairy Pilot Plant, whose management was taken-over by Funarbe in 1980.  The partnership with the UFV provides research that aims at the improvement, excellence and quality of products to always meet the demands of the consumer. In order to do so, Laticínio Funarbe relies on a highly qualified team, and uses first-class raw material, processed with the latest technology, following strict technical standards.

Laticínio works as a laboratory of practical classes offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses, research and technology development, and internships.