For us, sustainability is expressed through respect for the environment and human diversity, commitment to quality of life and development of people and good corporate governance, based on transparency, care and ethics.

The commitment is reflected in our values statement, in which “we practice sustainable socio-environmental actions”; “we respect all people and their diversity, ethical and transparent work”, determining the pursuit of sustainability in all our activities.

We constantly invest in socio-cultural projects, education, health, environmental preservation and waste reduction, benefiting our employees, clients as well as the scientific, academic and regional communities.

In 2016, 66 projects were supported on the 3 UFV campuses, along with 16 philanthropic institutions in Viçosa.


Projeto Repense (Reflection)

Created in 2016, Repense aims to make people reflect on attitudes related to environmental preservation and altruism. Small day-to-day changes can be made to environmental sustainability and to help others.

The project leans toward the development of educational actions in favor of environmental sustainability and the promotion of social support, through internal campaigns with our employees – from the three Foundation units – as well as involving the external public.



In 2016 we carried-out various actions within the scope of the Repense Project:

  • Winter Campaign, collectiong clothes, shoes and blankets for the São Vicente de Paulo Care Home
  • Grandparents Day Campaign, with food and hygiene products for the Elderly People’s Care Home
  • Adopt a Cup Campaign with mug production for employees aiming to reduce the use of disposables
  • Environment Week at the Supermarket School, with collection of materials for recycling and distribution of ecological bags
  • Donation of milk and yogurt to institutions and nurseries in the city