Project Resource Management

Through the Resource Management Core (NGR), we manage the financial and administrative projects, offering the coordinator more ease, comfort and tranquility for the execution of research.

By partnering with us, the researcher can dedicate himself to the execution of the scope of the project, without having to worry about all the bureaucratic issues related to taxation, contracting, purchasing, imports, payments and rendering of accounts for funding agencies. This part is about our responsibility that we have acquired over our 37 years of experience and expertise to communicate with the researcher, development agencies and companies, and to meet their requests, respecting norms, laws and guidelines.

Administrative and financial management online
  • Balances and statements follow-up
  • Purchase, reimbursements, payments etc whenever and wherever
  • Creation of different user profiles, with differentiated levels of access, to facilitate monitoring and execution of projects by the team
  • Convenience and ease for the project coordinator
Purchases and Importations
  • National and international acquisitions of equipment, products and services
  • Accreditation of the CNPq
  • Agility, legality and cost reduction
  • Quality, care and organization
  • Appropriation of the demands from each funder
  • Security for the funder in resource application