Do you have a project and do not know where to get financing from?

Through the Business and Partnerships Core (NNP), we act as a link between funding agents and researchers seeking funding opportunities for the development of their projects.

We have the support from the Sistema Financiar, a tool developed by Funarbe in partnership with the Research Development Foundation (Fundep), which provides information on funding sources for Research, Development and Innovation (P,D&I) projects.

Our team works in search and treatment of information of the most diverse types of financing opportunities, and in the identification and mapping of the profile of our researchers, aiming to bring them closer to the managers of the resource sources for their projects, resulting in time saving and stimulating an increase in research.

In addition to the dissemination of funding opportunities, we offer support in submitting the proposal, looking to facilitate the understanding of the public note, and compliance with the criteria.

  • Search and Handling Information about Funders
  • Mapping and identification of researchers’ profiles
  • Disclosure of opportunities
  • Support in preparing and submitting proposals to the funder


  • For further information contact the Business and Partnerships team: [email protected]

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